Goals, Mission, Vision, and Excellence


The primary mission of Industrial Islamic Orphanage School is providing the orphaned, destitute, outcast, unloved, needy, and handicapped, with a home, love, happiness, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment, the highest level of education possible and a hope for a bright future.



The vision of our institution to  have a self-sustaining community consisting of a children’s home, orphanage, school, vocational education & training (VET) center, place of worship, , library, park, play fields, technology center, shops, and other facilities that help our orphanage children to succeed. 

The faith of our far-sighted leadership by building a solid base of knowledge of the economy in Palestine and realization of demand of local market in recent years will boost the growing role of technical and technological training and education. May Allah help us all to repay this effort to our beloved country.


Strategies and Goals:

Industrial Islamic Orphanage School’s primary objective is to meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of orphanage and destitute children by providing them with love, care, nourishment and  guidance.

On the other hand, we aims to provide all of the children of Palestine with the highest level of education and guidance, so they can grow to be assets to their community and so that they can compete competitively for jobs, admissions and placement upon graduation. Beside to not only cater to children’s mental needs, but to provide a complete package, by catering to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the children as well.

Our strategies build upon to let our youth to be valued members of society with a promising future and a memorable past.