The 89th Gradations Ceremony
The 89th Gradations Ceremony

Under the patronage of the Palestinian Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, the Industrial Islamic Orphanage schools celebrated the graduation of its 89th Regiment (Qandil Al Quds) in the presence of the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs with an attendance of official and popular presence.
The Minister of Jerusalem delivered a speech on this occasion, in which he stressed that the Palestinian people are committed to their land and that the Palestinian leadership and government keep in mind this objective despite the difficulties and challenges. The attempts of the occupation to Judaize Jerusalem will fail and the leadership rejects all plans of occupation aimed at judaizing Jerusalem and our cause is fair and Jerusalem our capital.
In his turn, Mr. Ahmed Awaisat delivered a speech on behalf of the Genral Director of the Institution, Mr. Moayad Al-Helou, in which he stressed that the institution's special professional specialization qualifies the student to enter the labor market and that the institution is proud of what it offers to this country and the youth of Palestine.
In a precedent and initiative launched by the high school principal, Sister Rania Abu Asba to honor each student orphaned the first class by offering a laptop and also honored the first order in school.
The first student's speech was delivered on the scientific branch of Qusay Atawneh and the first on the industrial branch of Muzar Mohammad Emad Zayed And Diaa Abu Sarhan, whom expressed their gratitude to their teachers and thanked them for their efforts and presented their graduation (to Jerusalem)
The ceremony was attended by a number of distinguished sections. The ceremony was concluded by honoring the first students on the classes. The certificates were distributed to the students in the academic and industrial branches. The Al-Awal Driving School presented the driving license for the first to the scientific branch and the first to the industrial branch to encourage them.

We thank all who contributed to and support the ceremony from the national companies and the benefactors who came and still offer orphans, and the special thanks to all those who answered our call, and thanks to our educational staff for their great efforts. .